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That is not a typo. I have checked and rechecked a dozen times and half of my flist (ya'll know who you are &hearts ) sealed what I thought was me just trying to hallucinate at 5 AM this morning. Jared is in House of Fears for less than a minute or more. The scene is...well, ya'll can see for yourselves.

Sandy's performance in this film is in one word: excellent. No, not exaggerating, it does what it says on the tin and all that jazz. She's in this film ALOT so I just capped the whole thing instead of going through trying to pick out the few scenes she isn't in.


Sandy McCoy in House of Fears - 4 HUGE ZIP FILES; MORE THAN 900 + CAPS; PREVIEW + ZIPS )

Jared Padalecki in House of Fears - 1 ZIP FILES; MORE THAN 100 + CAPS; PREVIEW + ZIP/ NON ZIP + VIDEO CLIP )
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Movie Screencaps + BTS Special Feature [900 screencaps]

Preview Caps + Zip File Under LJ Cut:

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Anybody want the FULL TV Guide thing? *shrug*

+Jared on TV Guide's Sexiest Stars '08 Special - 1 Vid Clip
+Jared on TV Guide's Sexiest Stars '08 Special - 569 Screencaps

preview and dl link behind cut )

*goes back to reading Twilight and not writing a ten page paper*


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