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It's my OTP weekend (TYLER/ALLY = &hearts and HAPPY SHINY THINGS!) and I'm about to go out for a bit so this is kind of rushed (no zip file or nothing atm and all 10 behind an LJ cut) but I thought I'd post these because they're from the US DVD of House of Fears and Sandy is my girly crush and whatnot.


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Okay so uh I was watching TV last night and about the time I flicked over to "King of The Hill" I got bored because it was the two-parter about Hank having a brother in Japan right so I flicked over that and found a film about Ted Bundy and watched half but then turned it off because I got bored and he wanted to uh, have sex with dead people (admittedly I got the names confused because it was late and I thought it was the Manson movie with Clea Duvall I'd been wanting to rewatch again which damn it it so wasn't *sad face* ) BUT then I just flicked it back over to Comedy Central and I was about to flick it again because 'Secret Girlfriend' really just is a show for men that they can get off too (and oh god I sort of want to slap the male leads but whatever) POINT BEING: the show is disgusting, IMO.

Anyway, I'm about to flip back to "King of The Hill" when I hear this voice that sounds very familiar and low and behold...

Sandra McCoy in a Car )

In the show she was yelling about getting directions to a strip club at one of the leads. I don't think this is her first appearance on this.. sadly.

So uh the zip file of that is:

+114 Screencaps

zip file
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Sandy's role in this is a 'cute nurse' and well, she is cute, I mean look at her pink nurses outfit. She's only in the movie for about 30 seconds or so but...

I managed to get about 50 ish screencaps.

Sandy McCoy in 'deep in the valley' screencaps [sandy as 'cute nurse']

+ Sandy McCoy in 'deep in the valley'- 68 Screencaps

Sandy McCoy in 'deep in the valley' screencaps [sandy as 'cute nurse' ] - 1 ZIP FILES; PREVIEW + ZIPS )
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Sandy McCoy in Power Rangers Wild Force[never give up + three's a crowd]

+ Never Give Up - 321 Screencaps
+ Three's A Crowd - 636 Screencaps

Sandy McCoy in Power Rangers Wild Force [never give up + three's a crowd] - 2 ZIP FILES; PREVIEW + ZIPS )
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That is not a typo. I have checked and rechecked a dozen times and half of my flist (ya'll know who you are &hearts ) sealed what I thought was me just trying to hallucinate at 5 AM this morning. Jared is in House of Fears for less than a minute or more. The scene is...well, ya'll can see for yourselves.

Sandy's performance in this film is in one word: excellent. No, not exaggerating, it does what it says on the tin and all that jazz. She's in this film ALOT so I just capped the whole thing instead of going through trying to pick out the few scenes she isn't in.


Sandy McCoy in House of Fears - 4 HUGE ZIP FILES; MORE THAN 900 + CAPS; PREVIEW + ZIPS )

Jared Padalecki in House of Fears - 1 ZIP FILES; MORE THAN 100 + CAPS; PREVIEW + ZIP/ NON ZIP + VIDEO CLIP )
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+ 2 folders

Movie Screencaps + BTS Special Feature [900 screencaps]

Preview Caps + Zip File Under LJ Cut:

blah blah blah )
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Anybody want the FULL TV Guide thing? *shrug*

+Jared on TV Guide's Sexiest Stars '08 Special - 1 Vid Clip
+Jared on TV Guide's Sexiest Stars '08 Special - 569 Screencaps

preview and dl link behind cut )

*goes back to reading Twilight and not writing a ten page paper*


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