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+ 1,984 - DVD Movie Screencaps

* Would have had the extra on the bluray disc capped but that's going to take some more work. Hang in there. Thanks.

Jared Padalecki in Friday the 13th [2009] - MORE THAN 900 + CAPS; PREVIEW + NON ZIP )
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a. Go to bed and get up at 4:30 am to shower / shower put on jeans and 'PADALECKI' canucks jersey with jeans/see mom off/make coffee and get dad breakfast.

b. stay awake and watch horror movies with dad (we're going to marathon the first 4 original fridays)

c. work on novel till about 11:30 am while doing item b.

d. leave at 12 and go to red robin (shush [ profile] sj0126 !) to get the only burger i can eat. 12:30 - 1:20 PM sit in the car and eat

e. go in and chat with mel (my movie buddy see: twilight review) for 10 minutes, and bathroom if need be

g. MOVIE @ 1:40 PM

I might txt [ profile] clarity159 and [ profile] sj0126 afterwards if, you know, i can actually remove myself from the theater instead of looking at my Dad and going 'AGAIN AGAIN. SHOW IT AGAIN' or something lame.

I may pass out from all the excitement.

ALSO have 10 HQ Stills from F13th of Jared (not tagged and very HQ 3600 X 2400 - ISH)

his name was jason )

ETA: Holy hell, now I don't mind Eyeliner on him but *THUD* I want a wallpaper of that.
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Jared on Bonnie Hunt
01 - Vid
400 + Screencaps

link + preview under here )

And if you missed it check HERE for 143 pics of JP at the F13th Premiere + After Party.
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I'm keeping an eye out and adding more as I find them HERE

preview )
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Jumbled together mostly cause I have to run after I post this all over and it's easier for me to just answer comments in one post.

I won't have time to answer comments tonight cause I'm working on homework (lit novel) as soon as this is posted and I check my e-mail, plus tomorrow, I think, I'm busy I'm told I'm not, followed by "Sammy, what the hell do you want to do for your birthday?" Huh. Parents. If I don't answer comments till Thursday don't take it personal. Even I don't know what the hell is planned for my birthday tomorrow (aka is full of insanity). *runs shrieking Jared-style and waves at flist*

Also, no, really, it was like that on the TV all blurry lookin' ;/

+Jared on Scream Awards 08 - 1 Vid Clip
+Jared on Scream Awards - 81 Screencaps
+ Note about JDM, ect -01

preview and dl link + note behind cut )

Flist, see ya'll Thursday I think.
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the F13 BTS is better quality than the one floating about previously (though windows movie maker sucks) ;/

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