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It's my OTP weekend (TYLER/ALLY = &hearts and HAPPY SHINY THINGS!) and I'm about to go out for a bit so this is kind of rushed (no zip file or nothing atm and all 10 behind an LJ cut) but I thought I'd post these because they're from the US DVD of House of Fears and Sandy is my girly crush and whatnot.


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UH HUH. YEAH. I got nothing. Brendan, I miss you playing hockey. That is all.

more here

Also, I have something I'm going to post tonight for you guys, I've been meaning to do it for a bit but uhm, I wanted it to cheer [ profile] janglyjewels up a bit.

Also, uh no idea on what is happening tomorrow but.. my tooth does not hurt at all and it's not infected or anything and I am not in pain (or well very very little almost none) but should I just get the root canal or or should I let them pull my tooth? Opinions?

I'm pondering the root canal, because seriously, how bad can it be? And right now I have virtually no if very little pain, and I just want the hole gone, not in pain the hole's just there and annoying to me

*looks to flist* Also, ooh I forgot today is Uncle's Birthday *runs to phone*

Posting that thing for ya'll and [ profile] janglyjewels later (though I'm not sure if ya'll will want it)

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You guys remember that still of Jared on the back of the bike that never came out in ULTRA HQ and drove me mad trying to find yes? I FOUND IT. :D [ profile] jelloh0530 I got excited on your behalf. I knew you wanted that in HQ

Also, there's another one that's not been seen about of Jared in the film

+ 2 NEW Christmas Cottage HQ stills + 1 Promo Poster


HQ HERE // Poster art HERE.
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Sandy McCoy in Power Rangers Wild Force[never give up + three's a crowd]

+ Never Give Up - 321 Screencaps
+ Three's A Crowd - 636 Screencaps

Sandy McCoy in Power Rangers Wild Force [never give up + three's a crowd] - 2 ZIP FILES; PREVIEW + ZIPS )
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That is not a typo. I have checked and rechecked a dozen times and half of my flist (ya'll know who you are &hearts ) sealed what I thought was me just trying to hallucinate at 5 AM this morning. Jared is in House of Fears for less than a minute or more. The scene is...well, ya'll can see for yourselves.

Sandy's performance in this film is in one word: excellent. No, not exaggerating, it does what it says on the tin and all that jazz. She's in this film ALOT so I just capped the whole thing instead of going through trying to pick out the few scenes she isn't in.


Sandy McCoy in House of Fears - 4 HUGE ZIP FILES; MORE THAN 900 + CAPS; PREVIEW + ZIPS )

Jared Padalecki in House of Fears - 1 ZIP FILES; MORE THAN 100 + CAPS; PREVIEW + ZIP/ NON ZIP + VIDEO CLIP )
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a. Go to bed and get up at 4:30 am to shower / shower put on jeans and 'PADALECKI' canucks jersey with jeans/see mom off/make coffee and get dad breakfast.

b. stay awake and watch horror movies with dad (we're going to marathon the first 4 original fridays)

c. work on novel till about 11:30 am while doing item b.

d. leave at 12 and go to red robin (shush [ profile] sj0126 !) to get the only burger i can eat. 12:30 - 1:20 PM sit in the car and eat

e. go in and chat with mel (my movie buddy see: twilight review) for 10 minutes, and bathroom if need be

g. MOVIE @ 1:40 PM

I might txt [ profile] clarity159 and [ profile] sj0126 afterwards if, you know, i can actually remove myself from the theater instead of looking at my Dad and going 'AGAIN AGAIN. SHOW IT AGAIN' or something lame.

I may pass out from all the excitement.

ALSO have 10 HQ Stills from F13th of Jared (not tagged and very HQ 3600 X 2400 - ISH)

his name was jason )

ETA: Holy hell, now I don't mind Eyeliner on him but *THUD* I want a wallpaper of that.
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Jared on Bonnie Hunt
01 - Vid
400 + Screencaps

link + preview under here )

And if you missed it check HERE for 143 pics of JP at the F13th Premiere + After Party.
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I'm keeping an eye out and adding more as I find them HERE

preview )
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Uh huh.


Gallery + Music Updates
Friday, 06 February 2009

* 4.14 Music List
* 009 4.14 Episode Stills
* 835 4.14 Episode Screencaps

Stuff is here



*232 Episode Screencaps

Stuff is here.

*skedaddles* Nope, off writing. God bless hiatus.
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Have some Brendan and some Brock Kelly because. Um but they aren't together, heads out of the gutter.

I think I raided all of wireimage for these but preview is under the cut and so's the link (same with Brendan).

Brock Kelly
preview )

Brendan Fehr
These are old new from Comic Con but he's still pretty.
preview )

Alright, I'm outta here till Monday night. I have a book to work on. Seriously, I'm going.
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I am a genius.

002 new HQ MBV stills (one old one new)

[ profile] smidgy06 and anyone else who wants more of the HQ's I found of Kerr, ect that don't include Jensen just say so but here's the link and the preview.

One is a bigger version of and one's brand new. (the bigger one is the one with the heart candy box)

link to bigger + others (MQ + HQ)
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I'll be doing Jensen on whatever the other one is later. Good news, 100% COMFINESS. I liked this one, more than Kimmel.

I registered for both my science courses last night among the insanity. Did you know Nutrition can be subbed as a Science? I'm taking that and Astronomy *is geek* I think looking at the stars, ect would be totes awesome.

4 More left for both degrees! \o/

Writing today, after this is posted I'm going to get some coffee - turn on ER, grab my notes and get to work.

And I'm not too happy, ya'll remember the dent in my mac book right? Well, even though the bottom casing is screwed on tight there's a crack between that and the actual keyboard system so I'm trying to be careful and still express rage over it. *head desk*

[ profile] legoline, you can has! &hearts


Jensen on Bonnie Hunt:
01 - Vid
900 + Screencaps

052 - MBV Screening Pics (HQ + MQ)
link + preview under here )
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I'm posting this and then off I go to write more book character stuff. *hide* I'm writing smut, oh god, hide the alcohol. Esp. since it's demon/demon smut. I'm going to hell ...really.

But hey the Brendan was a bonus for tonight I guess.

Also, TBH, I thought "30 days of night" was kind of bad? *ducks*

I'll be doing Jensen on "Bonnie Hunt" and whatever the other one is tomorrow. I didn't like this one, honestly.

[ profile] legoline, you can has! &hearts


link + preview under here )


links + preview under cut )

*flees to write Seir/Aetia* Yup, going to hell.

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Jumbled together mostly cause I have to run after I post this all over and it's easier for me to just answer comments in one post.

I won't have time to answer comments tonight cause I'm working on homework (lit novel) as soon as this is posted and I check my e-mail, plus tomorrow, I think, I'm busy I'm told I'm not, followed by "Sammy, what the hell do you want to do for your birthday?" Huh. Parents. If I don't answer comments till Thursday don't take it personal. Even I don't know what the hell is planned for my birthday tomorrow (aka is full of insanity). *runs shrieking Jared-style and waves at flist*

Also, no, really, it was like that on the TV all blurry lookin' ;/

+Jared on Scream Awards 08 - 1 Vid Clip
+Jared on Scream Awards - 81 Screencaps
+ Note about JDM, ect -01

preview and dl link + note behind cut )

Flist, see ya'll Thursday I think.
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the F13 BTS is better quality than the one floating about previously (though windows movie maker sucks) ;/

link + preview under here )


links + preview under cut )

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Anybody want the FULL TV Guide thing? *shrug*

+Jared on TV Guide's Sexiest Stars '08 Special - 1 Vid Clip
+Jared on TV Guide's Sexiest Stars '08 Special - 569 Screencaps

preview and dl link behind cut )

*goes back to reading Twilight and not writing a ten page paper*
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+ TV Guide 25 things about spn (2007) 544 Screencaps : 1 Vid Clip (and non zip)

Preview + Links Under Here )

Dean - I've also decided to use that 'jared ackles' tag for anything j2 from now on because it gives me the warm and fuzzies aside from laughing for a few minutes. Also, that British woman on the radio show she freeeeeaky. *snerk* - Sammy :P
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Want to see what I did today:

Go on: Look it.

+ More from CW Affiliate Launch Party

+ REST of the SEASON 2 DVD EXTRAS: Deleted Scenes AND Devil's Road Map Factoids

+ Days Of Our Lives: STORYLINE #1: Sami's Amnesia


+ Comic Con 07 Panel: Screencaps

Do whatever. Have a ball with all these caps for all I care, rec 'em, icon 'em whatever . . . um I am off to bed now - have been up 21 hours straight. NEED SLEEP DAMN IT. K PLZ. THANK YOU, COME AGAIN.

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+ Jared @ TCA 07 Pics: CURRENTLY @ 079: Non Zip - CURRENTLY UP TO DATE
+ Jared @ TCA 07 Screencaps: 254 Screencaps: Non Zip
+ Jared @ TCA 07 Vid Clip: Non Zip ( save to your own comp, plz thx )

Jared @ TCA '07 )
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+ Jared in Room 401: Episode 7: 9 Clips: 1 Zip
+ Jared in Room 401: Episode 8: 9 Clips: 1 Zip
+ Jared in Room 401: Episode 7: 202 Screencaps : Non Zip
+ Jared in Room 401: Episode 8: 195 Screencaps : Non Zip

Links + Screencap Link )


(I'm sorry to those Hurricane people, seriously)

MuSiCcHaRmEdcHiK : the headline "dean whacks mexico" on cnn shouldn't be funny
MuSiCcHaRmEdcHiK : hahahhaa
csiwinchester : LMFAO WACKS MEXICO
csiwinchester : WACKS should not be funny
csiwinchester : i can't picture him pounding on anything either lmfao
MuSiCcHaRmEdcHiK : he's preparing to whack mexico
MuSiCcHaRmEdcHiK : *jumps in the gutter*
csiwinchester : HAHA BONZAI *JUMPS*


csiwinchester : hannibal could like eat the people that saw kills
csiwinchester : y'know
Dreamwalker4167 : Ohhh I love that idea
csiwinchester : and he could eat amanda
Dreamwalker4167 : Hannibal could clean up the messes Jigsaw makes LMAO
csiwinchester : lmao i know
Dreamwalker4167 : He would love that little arm breaking device or the rib cage splitting LOL
Dreamwalker4167 : He'll be like YAY FOOOOOOD
csiwinchester : oh my god
csiwinchester : he'd love the machine with the fly trap and haha 'i lick brains'
Dreamwalker4167 : LMAO yesssss
Dreamwalker4167 : omg if they make Freddy Vs Jason and lame shit like that, they should make Jigsaw and Hannibal LOL. He better not touch Adam. He could have Amanda and her jello tasting brain LOl
Dreamwalker4167: Lmao I loooove that your insane just like meeeee. No one understands the insanity Lol
csiwinchester : LMAO amanda has liquid brains
Dreamwalker4167 : *slits throat* YAY blooooood
Dreamwalker4167: taste like cherry Kool Aid
csiwinchester : OMG LMFAO HAHA TOTALLY
csiwinchester: like he could give jigsaw lessons
csiwinchester: HAHA BRILLIANT


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