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It's my OTP weekend (TYLER/ALLY = &hearts and HAPPY SHINY THINGS!) and I'm about to go out for a bit so this is kind of rushed (no zip file or nothing atm and all 10 behind an LJ cut) but I thought I'd post these because they're from the US DVD of House of Fears and Sandy is my girly crush and whatnot.


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UH HUH. YEAH. I got nothing. Brendan, I miss you playing hockey. That is all.

more here

Also, I have something I'm going to post tonight for you guys, I've been meaning to do it for a bit but uhm, I wanted it to cheer [ profile] janglyjewels up a bit.

Also, uh no idea on what is happening tomorrow but.. my tooth does not hurt at all and it's not infected or anything and I am not in pain (or well very very little almost none) but should I just get the root canal or or should I let them pull my tooth? Opinions?

I'm pondering the root canal, because seriously, how bad can it be? And right now I have virtually no if very little pain, and I just want the hole gone, not in pain the hole's just there and annoying to me

*looks to flist* Also, ooh I forgot today is Uncle's Birthday *runs to phone*

Posting that thing for ya'll and [ profile] janglyjewels later (though I'm not sure if ya'll will want it)

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Jumbled together mostly cause I have to run after I post this all over and it's easier for me to just answer comments in one post.

I won't have time to answer comments tonight cause I'm working on homework (lit novel) as soon as this is posted and I check my e-mail, plus tomorrow, I think, I'm busy I'm told I'm not, followed by "Sammy, what the hell do you want to do for your birthday?" Huh. Parents. If I don't answer comments till Thursday don't take it personal. Even I don't know what the hell is planned for my birthday tomorrow (aka is full of insanity). *runs shrieking Jared-style and waves at flist*

Also, no, really, it was like that on the TV all blurry lookin' ;/

+Jared on Scream Awards 08 - 1 Vid Clip
+Jared on Scream Awards - 81 Screencaps
+ Note about JDM, ect -01

preview and dl link + note behind cut )

Flist, see ya'll Thursday I think.


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