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Friday, 13 March 2009

* 840 4.15 Episode Screencaps (with Kim Manners Tribute)
* 19 TV Guide Photoshoot (Jared - Photoshoots)
* 12 4.16 Episode Stills (SPOILERS!)


I am out of here. I will semi be around (because I'll have my traveling internet FTW) BUT other than that no. Won't be here and the only part I'm dreading is Krystal's mother who probably should be put away. She's that insane.

[ profile] janglyjewels & [ profile] clarity159, Have fun, I set you guys up for 7:30 like usual for Saturday. I don't know if Katie's on with ya'll cause I called but got no answer. I &hearts ya'll. ALSO, OMG PLZ DON'T KILL ME FOR THAT EMAIL (not the list the other one) BUT I HOPE, HOPE, IT GIVES YOU GUYS TALKING FILLER and some of the thoughts I've had for the last few weeks that I've been MIA.

See ya'll sunday night *waves to flist*
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a. Go to bed and get up at 4:30 am to shower / shower put on jeans and 'PADALECKI' canucks jersey with jeans/see mom off/make coffee and get dad breakfast.

b. stay awake and watch horror movies with dad (we're going to marathon the first 4 original fridays)

c. work on novel till about 11:30 am while doing item b.

d. leave at 12 and go to red robin (shush [ profile] sj0126 !) to get the only burger i can eat. 12:30 - 1:20 PM sit in the car and eat

e. go in and chat with mel (my movie buddy see: twilight review) for 10 minutes, and bathroom if need be

g. MOVIE @ 1:40 PM

I might txt [ profile] clarity159 and [ profile] sj0126 afterwards if, you know, i can actually remove myself from the theater instead of looking at my Dad and going 'AGAIN AGAIN. SHOW IT AGAIN' or something lame.

I may pass out from all the excitement.

ALSO have 10 HQ Stills from F13th of Jared (not tagged and very HQ 3600 X 2400 - ISH)

his name was jason )

ETA: Holy hell, now I don't mind Eyeliner on him but *THUD* I want a wallpaper of that.
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I'm keeping an eye out and adding more as I find them HERE

preview )
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I'll be doing Jensen on whatever the other one is later. Good news, 100% COMFINESS. I liked this one, more than Kimmel.

I registered for both my science courses last night among the insanity. Did you know Nutrition can be subbed as a Science? I'm taking that and Astronomy *is geek* I think looking at the stars, ect would be totes awesome.

4 More left for both degrees! \o/

Writing today, after this is posted I'm going to get some coffee - turn on ER, grab my notes and get to work.

And I'm not too happy, ya'll remember the dent in my mac book right? Well, even though the bottom casing is screwed on tight there's a crack between that and the actual keyboard system so I'm trying to be careful and still express rage over it. *head desk*

[ profile] legoline, you can has! &hearts


Jensen on Bonnie Hunt:
01 - Vid
900 + Screencaps

052 - MBV Screening Pics (HQ + MQ)
link + preview under here )


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