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Friday, 13 March 2009

* 840 4.15 Episode Screencaps (with Kim Manners Tribute)
* 19 TV Guide Photoshoot (Jared - Photoshoots)
* 12 4.16 Episode Stills (SPOILERS!)


I am out of here. I will semi be around (because I'll have my traveling internet FTW) BUT other than that no. Won't be here and the only part I'm dreading is Krystal's mother who probably should be put away. She's that insane.

[ profile] janglyjewels & [ profile] clarity159, Have fun, I set you guys up for 7:30 like usual for Saturday. I don't know if Katie's on with ya'll cause I called but got no answer. I &hearts ya'll. ALSO, OMG PLZ DON'T KILL ME FOR THAT EMAIL (not the list the other one) BUT I HOPE, HOPE, IT GIVES YOU GUYS TALKING FILLER and some of the thoughts I've had for the last few weeks that I've been MIA.

See ya'll sunday night *waves to flist*
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Want to see what I did today:

Go on: Look it.

+ More from CW Affiliate Launch Party

+ REST of the SEASON 2 DVD EXTRAS: Deleted Scenes AND Devil's Road Map Factoids

+ Days Of Our Lives: STORYLINE #1: Sami's Amnesia


+ Comic Con 07 Panel: Screencaps

Do whatever. Have a ball with all these caps for all I care, rec 'em, icon 'em whatever . . . um I am off to bed now - have been up 21 hours straight. NEED SLEEP DAMN IT. K PLZ. THANK YOU, COME AGAIN.

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Okie dokey so welcome from whichever direction you came here.

+ Jensen on Jimmy Kimmel:


- Vid:
- Screencap Zip (around 700-ish caps - yes you read that correctly): - though I'm sorry they couldn't be bigger honestly my capping software was being horrid.

For those of you that hate zips you can view the screencaps here

- If using the caps please credit

Tis all. Enjoy!

Also, since someone asked me for it the vid of Evanescence performing will be up shortly. Just keep hitting refresh (if you also want it), won't be long, promise (as I have wireless) :D

Sidenote: If you didn't watch the entire show be glad, Rosie Perez's voice . . . I don't think I've been annoyed enough to throw my TV out a window.

ETA: to a couple of people who will see this in the next few hours:

1. Dude, 'Dean' (Shay)- Calm down my journal has not been hijacked by aliens. I swear, and um if you do watch this before work text me, cuz yeah man, I'm gonna need a hand if Mom calls for you know what tomorrow *is all jumpy* And this has no spoilers, so go to work happy!!!!- 'Sammy'

2. 'Jensen' (Brit) - WTF woman?! You leave me talking about the dolls?!! Are you tryin' to get me killed, besides while watching this on TV I swore you fell into a Leigh Whanell goo blood drip that obviously only we are sick enough to visualize. I still have mad love for you, and you know, you would like that shot of Zodiac splatting out the cabbies brains. Sorry I fell quiet on you was doing this. <33 - 'Jared'


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