Jul. 29th, 2019

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I have no idea what to say. Or even what I should say. I know what I want to say but whatever I say may be taken out of context. And so. These reasons are the ONLY thing I'm going to say about everything.

I'm leaving this unlocked for a reason, though and hope that this gets spread about in fandom so I can be done with it. I've had a few people ask me in the last few weeks as to why so I hope this makes it clear.

1. For reasons than I voice here and others that will remain undisclosed I have, effective IMMEDIATELY quit WinchesterBros.com. No more gallery updates, I will not be a voice on Winchester Radio (the podcast), or videos will be provided by me. I'm sorry and I know to some that gallery is a complete resource. I WILL NOT be updating it any further. No Season 6 DVD extras, no Season 7 and beyond. The gallery will remain as is and if more gets added that is up to the people still involved with the site to do so (as are the other elements including videos or podcasts).

2. If you're looking for a reason? I would say college keeps me busy. If, however, you desire honest reasons? This past year I just felt uncomfortable and unneeded on the site so it became time for me to go and move on.

I won't be part of online fandom in that capacity any longer and I hope people understand that and good luck to those that continue the work on WinchesterBros.com. Thank you.


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