Oct. 15th, 2009

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Okay so uh I was watching TV last night and about the time I flicked over to "King of The Hill" I got bored because it was the two-parter about Hank having a brother in Japan right so I flicked over that and found a film about Ted Bundy and watched half but then turned it off because I got bored and he wanted to uh, have sex with dead people (admittedly I got the names confused because it was late and I thought it was the Manson movie with Clea Duvall I'd been wanting to rewatch again which damn it it so wasn't *sad face* ) BUT then I just flicked it back over to Comedy Central and I was about to flick it again because 'Secret Girlfriend' really just is a show for men that they can get off too (and oh god I sort of want to slap the male leads but whatever) POINT BEING: the show is disgusting, IMO.

Anyway, I'm about to flip back to "King of The Hill" when I hear this voice that sounds very familiar and low and behold...

Sandra McCoy in a Car )

In the show she was yelling about getting directions to a strip club at one of the leads. I don't think this is her first appearance on this.. sadly.

So uh the zip file of that is:

+114 Screencaps

zip file


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